Application/Grant Writing

The Technical Team will process the necessary information about your project(s) to complete a technical report that highlights the challenges, solutions and technological advances that you achieved.

Financial Preparation

The Financial team will compile the costs associated with your grant application and ensure all the numbers and calculations meet the requirements of the grant for which you are applying.


Businesses will be positioned for the following programs:


IRAP (Industrial Research Assistance Program)

IRAP is a program that helps accelerate the growth of your business as you develop technologies that will be introduced globally into a competitive global marketplace. The funding you receive from this grant will empower you to take on innovative projects.


SIF (Strategic Innovation Fund)

If you run a Canadian business of any size in the technology or industrial sectors, you can be awarded a repayable or non-repayable grant. The SIF grant is vital for ensuring Canada remains a top destination that allows businesses to prosper, grow, invest and be consistent job creators for the economy.


OIDMTC (Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit)

OIDMTC specializes in corporations that focus on interactive digital media products. This grant is a refundable tax credit that allows you to claim labour expenditures and eligible marketing and distribution expenses.


NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council)

NSERC is a program that caters to postsecondary students and postdoctoral individuals by providing research grants for natural sciences and engineering. This program was also created to cultivate discovery and innovation from these students and encourage Canadian businesses to invest in research and training.

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