Canadian businesses retain FundTact to increase their revenue. FundTact funds businesses through governmental programs, grants, and various consulting services.

FundTact employs experienced teams of high caliber experts in taxation, accounting, engineering, and technical writing who have experience in both the private and the public sectors, and who maintain strong track records for filing successful claims and applications.

FundTact experts will discuss your business and projects to determine your eligibility. Then the team will gather all necessary experimental and financial information required to apply for the claim and/or grant. You will have full access to FundTact expertise at all times.

The FundTact process is completely client-oriented, hands-on and full-cycle. FundTact experts will be at your service from the moment of the initial consultation, to the establishment of your claims at our FundTact Labs, and through the representation of your claims post-submission on the highest venue to facilitate what your company deserves. 

FundTact works on a contingency fee structure: no success on your claim, no fee payment to FundTact.